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General question and answers about AHU Selection

Yes, it supports the next generation of 64-bit processors and operating systems.


Yes, you can obtain detailed production information of all material and workmanship used during the production of AHU, based on module, AHU and project. You can calculate producton duration of AHU.


Yes, all the transactions done by users are recorded in the server. All the things about the date and time of user's log in, where exactly in the program is used, which date is added, edited or deleted, when the program was logged off, and through which IP Address, MAC Address, computer the transactions was made and by which user are recorded. Thus, any fault that might occur on the records and the user that caused it can easily be specified. Also, it is possible to bring back the changed or deleted records. By doing this, the changes in the data which are made by fault or malicious intention can be taken back.


Question and answers about platform

Yes, our BackOffice program works as a Windows application from the internet and can also be operated via internet browsers without requiring any installation.

Our program supports browsers: "Internet Explorer", "Firefox", "Chrome", "Safari", "Opera"

Yes, all screens of the program can work in Turkish, English, German and Russian.


Customizing question and answers

Yes, you can identify new module-based accessory types, select them in your preferred AHUs and add automatically to the cost of AHU.

Yes, without the need to make any updates in the source code of program, you can generate new equipments for the brands supported by program and you can upload the DXF format drawings of the real images of these equipments into the system. Every time you do this transaction, the equipments you have recently added become eligible by all users using the program.

Yes, of course, you can specify a new AHU dimension specific for that AHU except the standard AHU modules during selection.


Pricing question and answers

You don't have to worry about the fee. Because; You can try AHU Selection for free and purchase if you are satisfied.